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Golf CLi : FAQs (fantasy golf picks, fantasy golf index, field analysis, golf tournament predictions, betting tips)
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Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions regarding the Golf CLi.

What is a Golf CLi calculation?

A Golf CLi calculation is an index that is created for a tournament based upon the players in the tournament field. The index ranks the players by a calculated variable called the CLi. The CLi is a variable which is calculated for each player playing in a tournament. The resulting CLi figure for each player for the selected tournament is then used to rank the players. The resulting ranking list provides a snapshot of which players in the tournament's field have the best chances of playing well in the selected tournament. The golfer with the lowest CLi in the field has the best chance of playing well in the tournament.

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What does CLi stand for?

CLi is short for 'Confidence Level Indicator'.

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How is the Golf CLi calculated?

The Golf CLi is calculated using historical data from the results of a player in tournaments prior to the selected tournament and their results in previous instances of the selected tournament.

The actual CLi figure is a weighted average of the rankings for each variable used in the CLi formula. Users change the weights for each variable based upon which variable they think is most important.

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How is the Golf CLi used?

To explain one of the ways to use the CLi ranking let's look at some real data. During the week of August 15, 2005, the US PGA Tour was in Canada playing the Bell Canadian Open, with the European PGA Tour in Germany playing the Linde German Masters. The top 15 players based upon CLi rankings for each tournament is as follows:

US PGA Tour: 2005 Bell Canadian Open

  Player CLi
1 Vijay Singh 2.30
2 Justin Rose 5.00
3 Craig Stadler 8.65
4 Loren Roberts 10.55
5 Scott Verplank 11.85
6 Pat Perez 12.85
7 Joey Sindelar 14.00
8 Robert Allenby 14.30
9 Stuart Appleby 21.60
10 Brandt Jobe 21.65
11 Jonathan Kaye 22.15
12 John Rollins 22.80
13 Bob Estes 23.05
14 Jesper Parnevik 24.25
15 Chris DiMarco 30.25

European PGA Tour: 2005 Linde German Masters

  Player CLi
1 David Howell 4.05
2 Retief Goosen 7.65
3 Niclas Fasth 9.35
4 Paul Casey 10.25
5 Miguel Angel Jimenez 13.55
6 Michael Campbell 15.20
7 Padraig Harrington 15.50
8 Bradley Dredge 15.75
9 Raphael Jacquelin 17.80
10 Henrik Stenson 18.60
11 Ian Poulter 18.90
12 Brett Rumford 19.25
13 Mikael Lundberg 20.20
14 Ricardo Gonzalez 22.05
15 Emanuele Canonica 23.75

What do these two lists mean? They are saying that the best chance of playing well in these two tournaments lay in the hands of Vijay Singh for the Bell Canadian Open and David Howell for the Linde German Masters. It does not mean these players have the best chance of winning, just playing well.

For example, let's look at Joey Sindelar in the Bell Canadian Open. His CLi Figure is 14.00 and he is ranked 7th in the CLi ranking for the tournament. This is basically saying that for a given percentage of the time he will place better than 14th place, which is the 7th best CLi Rank amongst the players in the tournament's field.

The "given percentage of the time" is based upon the success rate of the user. So it is not calculated until one has built enough calculations to analysis the results. As well, it depends on the amount of historical data that is available in the system for the tournament and leading up to the tournament.

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When is the field for a tournament entered?

The field needs to be in the system for a tournament to have the CLi calculation be meaningful. The field for a tournament is entered into the system 3-4 days before the start of the tournament. After that, updates are made on a daily basis to take into consideration the players that withdraw or are added to the tournament leading up to the first day of the tournament. Users can "Rerun" calculations without a fee to update the calculation based upon changes in the field.

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What tournaments are available?

Tournaments from all of the major tours are available on the Golf CLi, including the US PGA Tour, the US LPGA Tour, the European PGA Tour, the Japan PGA Tour, the Asian Tour, the PGA Tour Australia, the Nationwide Tour, the Champions Tour, and more. If there are any tournaments that you feel should be included, feel free to send an email to info at to suggest the tournament be added.

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What data is used for calculating the Golf CLi?

Scoring and earnings data from past instances of the tournament and leading up to the start of the tournament are used to create a Golf CLi for a selected tournament. There is data as late as 2000 in the Golf CLi system.

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Who calculates the Golf CLi?

You do. Using data dating as far back as 2000 in the Golf CLi system, you select the settings of the configuration variables and run a calculation for any tournament you want. So each calculation is unique to you and your specifications.

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What are the past results of the Golf CLi?

First of all, each golf cli calculation for a tournament is different based upon the 9 different configuration settings that a user chooses. John Mueller from, LLC runs calculates the Golf CLi for each tournament. For each tournament he configures the 9 settings based upon what he thinks is best for that specific tournament.

So the general Golf CLi calculation results are based upon his own Golf CLi settings. You can see those historical results by going to the GolfInvestors web site and find the tournament(s) you are interested in and selecting the 'Field Analysis' link for that tournament. There is a Golf CLi result from on the Field Analysis page for each tournament that Mueller ran a Golf CLi calculation for. As well, if you look at the 'Results and Earnings' page for any tournament on GolfInvestors, you can see hte CLi column next to each player in the results.

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Can I put the Golf CLi on my web site?

Yes, you can put the results from any Golf CLi calculation that you create via the site on your web site. You can do that by copying and pasting the results from the selected Golf Cli calculation in your account on or exporting the calculation (via the XLS format).

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Why use the Golf CLi?

The Golf CLi should be used to help users see which players have the best chance of playing well in a given tournament.

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What happened to the free version of the Golf CLi?

I use to offer a free version of the Golf CLi calculation for the US PGA Tour and European PGA Tour events. However, It was just too much work for me to offer the CLi for free. Therefore, as of June 15, 2009, I discontinued the free version and require users to create their own custom Golf CLi calculation. A Golf CLi calculation now costs $2.

As of January 2014, calculations are free for tournaments older than a month, enabling you to play around with different calculations in historical tournaments.

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Why pay money to create a Golf CLi calculation?

  • Customized calculation is based upon your selected settings of the Golf CLi variables for your selected tournament.

  • Receive data for the full field of players in a tournament rather than a selected group of players.

  • Receive data in an Excel spreadsheet which can be sorted by your choice.

  • Data you can publish on your web site and add commentary to.

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My question is not answered. How can I get my questions answered?

If you have a question that is not answered here, send me (John Mueller) an email (info at and I will see if I can provide an answer.

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  Golf CLi = Golf Confidence Level Indicator

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