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There are over 750 professional golfers competing in any given week in golf tournaments sanctioned by major tours around the world. That is a lot of players to keep track of and to figure out who has the best chance of playing well in a given tournament against all of the other players in the tournament's field.

The solution: The Golf CLi...

As an avid fan of the game of golf, you want to know what golfers have a chance to play well in any given tournament you are following. Namely, you want to identify golfers that are not part of the standard named players -- the players outside the usual suspects of Tiger, Phil, Vijay, and Ernie.

The Golf CLi takes the pain and hard work out of finding these gems. The Golf CLi is complicated in how it identifies these nuggets, but simple for you to understand and benefit from. Using historical results from the past instances of the tournament and results leading up to the tournament, you can create your own Golf CLi calculation for the tournament of choice. You change the configuration settings of the variables in the Golf CLi formula based upon knowledge and preferences. The result is a ranking of the players in the tournament's field in the order of which player has the best chance of playing well in the tournament.

Each Golf CLi calculation you create costs US$2.00. You can create as many calculations as you like for the same tournament.

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  Golf CLi = Golf Confidence Level Indicator

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